Как сделать старый дизайн ютуб 2018

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Hanala Sagal

11 г. назад

Dog Functional! My puppy jumped on the couch after a film day, we let cameras roll, here's what happened! (Massage is healthy for you & your pet.) Stay tuned for the OUTTAKES at the end of this video... my favorite part. Before writing "Elvis & Nixon" I wrote the book featured in this video. I'm Hanala, I turn moments into movies. #ElvisAndNixon #LastLaughFilm Follow my Hollywood story: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hanalasagal/ https://instagram.com/hanalasagal/ https://twitter.com/hanalasagal https://www.facebook.com/HanalaS About Hanala Sagal: Keynote speaker, fitness, health expert, author, visionary, phenomenon, Hanala Sagal is a best-selling author, actress, screenwriter, and co-executive producer of "Elvis & Nixon" (April 2016) and Hanala and her book star in "The Last Laugh" (2016) with Mel Brooks. Hanala is a Canadian-born, CLIO Award-winning writer, comedian, actress, artist and role model. Hanala co-stars in #ElvisAndNixon and #TheLastLaugh w/ Mel Brooks, Carl & Rob Reiner, Harry Shearer.... Comedy Wellness began on Public Access TV with Hanala's award-winning "SHAPE UP LA!"​ (Suzan Stadner Prod. 1985-2000). SAG/AFTRA since 1983, Hanala is an icon featured in film, television, music videos, radio, print, Internet, book tours, stand-up. Hanala's story, from traumatized, gifted child to celebrity life coach is hilarious and contains a positive message. Her passion to improve the world began 33 years ago after her last drink of alcohol. The daughter of Holocaust survivors wrote a critically-acclaimed memoir available on Amazon.com. Hanala is the lead singer in the Traumedy Central Band #TCB "Lost Cell Phone Blues"​, her original song, is a Reverbnation Top 20 hit. Available for bookings through www.hanala.com © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Источник: http://videouroki.su/watch/kak-vernut-stariy-dizayn-YouTube-bez-knopki-vernutsya-k-klassicheskomu-rezhimu-otvet-tut/Jm057FgGNzE

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Как сделать старый дизайн ютуб 2018
Как сделать старый дизайн ютуб 2018

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